Home Stories - the tale of soft gallery's AW23 collection

Once upon a time a little boy and girl lived with their family in a cosy little house full of endless dreams and stories. It was a home of playful, curious, and imaginative souls.

In the light from the evening lamps, old fairytales were shared across generations, and new stories were created. The delicious scent of full tea and coffee cups lingering and intensifying the homey feeling. Stacks of books and scattered open books opened doors and minds to new worlds of a dreams and inspiration. A mysterious pair of scissors turned blank paper into the most fascinating papercuts.

The kids shared dreams about enchanting swans, DJ nightingales playing cool music and dotted toads jumping into new colour shades. While cups turned into flying flowers and the cat took a nap on a golden pea. The dogs with eyes in all sizes looked curious at the owls of wisdom while listening to the alluring stories.

soft gallery AW23 - new collection for boys and girls age 3-12 years


“Home Stories” – the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection from soft gallery is inspired by the fairytales by H.C. Andersen, twisted with everyday items. In his stories, H.C. Andersen gave character and personality to everything from animals to trees and even cups. It gave children and adults the gift to establish a playful and adventurous imagination. We hope that our “Home Stories” collection inspires you to appreciate the everyday items and let them be a part of your own daydreaming.

In this collection, you will experience a range of artistic and luxurious clothing styles with graphics illustrated by the hands of our creative designer, Sine, in collaboration with the amazing artist and illustrator Emilie Bourel.

Artwork in soft gallery's AW23 collection

The collection features a wide range of styles for both babies and kids, with everything from casual knit styles to warm winter outerwear and extraordinary jacquard loom party dresses. The colours are mostly warm and inspired by the 70s, with vitamin-D-infused orange and zesty citrus set against rich autumnal darks.

Many of the new styles are made from soft organic cotton and selected styles are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which verifies that the product complies with strict requirements that safeguards both humans and the environment. 

soft gallery AW23 - new collection for baby boys and girls age 3-36 months

Please enjoy “Home Stories” – our Autumn/Winter collection for 2023





soft gallery AW23 - new collection for baby boys and girls age 3-36 months