Meet Sine, the creative designer behind soft gallery's collections

Behind every soft gallery collection is a close-knit team of four with Sine (Designer), Pernille (Buyer), Camilla and Helle (Pattern Designers). Together, they form a strong team dedicated to giving children long-lasting, responsible, and extraordinary garments that pass on inspiring stories.

The team is deeply passionate about soft gallery’s colourful, visual universe with unique and playful details. All prints are drawn by hand, and embroideries are applied to make exclusive styles with extra texture and character. 

Over the years, soft gallery has built valuable relationships with suppliers in India, China, Turkey, and Ukraine. The team treasures the close collaboration with these suppliers in creating high-quality garments made under conditions that safeguard both humans and the environment.

the making of a collection

Sine initiates every collection by gathering inspiration and researching trends to form an overall story for the collection. She takes a playful, graphical, and visual approach to her designs, and she loves to play with different prints, colours and combinations to create a strong and coherent collection. 

Nikita is involved early on in the design process, as she contributes with valuable input on how to create the best fittings, comfortable silhouettes, and diversity in the range of styles.

Pernille is involved to provide a strategic approach to best structure the collection based on budgets, sales data, and pricing strategies. Together, they carefully select the qualities, focusing on more responsible materials, such as organic, merino wool, or recycled fabrics, preferably with international certifications such as GOTS.

Photos of soft gallery collection in the making

the team's story

Sine studied fashion and textile design for 5 years at the Design School in Kolding. Since then, she has worked as a designer for various clothing brands to women, men, and children. Sine has been the designer behind soft gallery collections since 2021. 

Pernille has 16 years of purchasing experience from her previous employment at Bestseller for various international fashion brands to men and children. She joined the soft gallery team in 2022.