Since 2007, soft gallery has created poetic luxury clothing and accessories for children from baby to young teen. We strive to bring art to children’s level and pass on wonderful, inspiring stories through children’s fashion with an artistic twist.

this is soft gallery

soft gallery is rooted in a fascination of art, and how it speaks to your memories, feelings, fantasies, and dreams. This fascination is combined with contemporary trends in children’s fashion to make unique, yet accessible, garments that can inspire children’s imagination and creativity.

Everything we put into soft gallery spring from our hearts, and our wish to share something extraordinary. Our designs are honest and timeless with balanced colours and remarkable details.

Each collection is built on a unique story inspired by our memories and fantasies. Together with artists from all over the world, we bring every item to life with unique prints and embroideries drawn by hand.

our responsibility

We focus on creating high quality materials, comfortable silhouettes and long-lasting clothes with stories that can be passed over to loved ones from generation to generation. 

We are proud to have a wide range of organic cotton styles, as well as GOTS-certified styles that comply with strict requirements to safeguard both humans and the environment. 

Our exclusive woolwear selection is made from the softest 100% mulesing-free merino wool, which keeps your child at a stable body temperature all day. 

what we do

soft gallery creates two main collections a year - Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, as well as a strong swim range and Christmas capsule. The collections include an exclusive range of tops, bottoms, accessories, outerwear, swimwear, nightwear and underwear for babies and children at age 0-12 years.

soft gallery also offers a continuous NOOS (‘Never-Out-Of-Stock’) collection with timeless essentials that easily mix and match. Featuring both basics and prints used across various pieces – from clothes to bed linen and nursey items. For example, our beloved and iconic owl print.